my life
Quote #1

This is my first quote I did a simple approach by only using type and a lot of my negative space. I focused on Lifestyle and Living because I’m sending a message, which means Live life love life. I want people to understand the importance on life. Yellow is very easy to read and notice able just like red is on certain posters.

Quote #2

My second, Im showing you a picture of my family the real happiness of life. It was kind of hard trying to show the type but it still need some work. The picture basically is praising life as a family. I put the type face down on the right hand side of the image because I do want people to read the quote but I also wanted them to feel the image.

Quote #3

You know this is like how life spiral’s down but it’s a twist because I’m changing the theme to positive life. I wanted people to read this and keep it to memory. I thought it would be great to repeat the quote for a sense of imagery.



CDMG 1112 quote