About Me


Hey ! I’m Dara Hutchinson Cunningham your Senator of Technology and Design and I’m from the most beautiful island ever Trinidad & Tobago. I’m known for my awesome fun loving personality throughout the campus. My major is Communication Design at City Tech (http://citytech.cuny.edu/sga) . I have always taken an interest in creating something new something nobody has done before and I’m glad I’m in my major. I’ve always love giving back to people and being in a leadership role since high school I was always that student helping everyone and making sure they were happy.

         In 2015, my 1st semester  in college was very hard as I was getting to adapt to my new environment I was able to met an Senator at Large student who was very involved and showed me the ropes of the school. From then on I met everyone in SGA and I too was part of the family. I went to every single event and helped promote events as a SGA Volunteer during my early years in college. Now fast forward to 2018 I finally joined SGA because I believe in the symbol we stand for we are the voice for the students ! Being apart of SGA gives me the opportunity to be there for students when they are lost, stressed out, or being a friend. My goal is to try and create a bridge with all the majors in the school of tech and design for networking purposes and helping each other grow so that no one gets left behind.


“LIVE LIFE LOVE LIFE – it’s not a lifestyle, it’s away of living”