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Field Trip: Brooklyn Botanical Garden

 Sakura (Cherry) Blossoms - Tint tonal progression
Sakura (Cherry) Blossoms – Tint tonal progression
Saucer Magnolia - Tint tonal progression
Saucer Magnolia – Tint tonal progression
Pansy - Compliment tonal progression
Pansy – Compliment tonal progression


Tulip - Shade tonal progression
Tulip – Shade tonal progression

Going to the botanical garden was an amazing experience. All the flowers are beautiful and it was a sunny day with a lot of fresh air. I took pictures until my camera died. I found many tint tonal progressions but it was difficult to find shade and complimentary tonal progressions. This trip made me realize how colors interact well with others and the beauty of color that earth is able to create.

Paweł Althamer: The Neighbors at the New Museum



I went to the exhibit on a Thursday with my friends. We went to the place where you can paint, draw, and etc. I was amazed by how many people there were and all the different types of art people painted. I even made my own drawing.  I also explored other parts of the exhibit. There were a lot of sculptures of people, displays of dolls, and even videos of the artist on drugs. It was a great experience and I am glad I was able to see the exhibit.


Next Field Trip: Research

For our next field trip I believe we should go the Paweł Althamer: The Neighbors at the New Museum. At first I wanted to go there because  it gives us an opportunity to draw on the walls but then i read the description and i became more interested in the learning experience I can get out of it. Being able to see the different things other people put on the wall shows how much cultural diversity the world has today in visual form. As an artist and soon to be designer i think this is a very important thing to understand. I also read that the exhibition has sculptures and videos of his journey working with community groups. I personally think the majority of the class would be more interested and attentive in this trip because of the activity you can do and the videos and sculptures you can see. I also like the fact that Althamer included a coat drive for the people in need, If i end up finding a spare mens coat that is in good condition i think i would have done a good deed.

A Field Guide to Snow & Ice

When we went on the class field trip to the gallery  I was really interested in this picture. It reminded me of how i like my ice cream. Sometimes it gets too frozen and looks kind of like the picture. I also liked the photo to the right. It must have been difficult to take a picture on just one snow flake without it melting. It looks so detailed. It is very fascinating.  I think being a photographer  is amazing because you can capture moments and travel to many places. This field trip really gave me a sense of what a high key and low key value is.