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A View From My Window: Cut Paper



This is my final work. To be honest i am not really satisfied with this because I don’t think I captured any meanings or connections. I was also unsure about outlining the frame.. I think I put more stable than ambiguous too..This took me almost 4 hours because I have a cold and was trying so very hard to not sneeze or make any mistakes.


A View From My Window: Research

Outside my bedroom window there is a tall, thin tree with small triangle shaped bumps on each side. A fence with diamond shaped gaps separates my back yard in half. I found it odd to see small triangle shaped bricks were unevenly laid out side by side on the ground. Was it for decoration?

Further from the fence, a large tree stood. Unlike the other trees that were near by, It’s branches and twigs spread out like a fan in a beautiful way. There is also a medium sized fir tee with needle like leaves. In the background a large building with small rectangular windows can be seen. As i look more carefully in one of the windows i can see a man looking through his fridge. He must be hungry.


I took 10 minutes observing my view and the description took me another 5 minutes to write. I think I should have written more details.