Color Interaction: Critique

This project was one of my favorite projects. I love color and throughout this project I have gained a new perspective for color. Not only have I been able to train my eyes to see the difference of hue’s saturation, value, and temperature , but also how colors interact with one another.

Making the color interaction pairings was a bit confusing at first  but turned out to be fun. It amazed me to learn the shift of value, value & hue, or just hue  in the middle color depending on the background color. It is like magic!  As i learned to see the difference, doing the pairings got easier for me.

I am usually not fond of doing group projects but the color interaction freestudy has opened up my mind to that idea. The free study itself was unique and interesting, It was fun getting to know my partners, Maya and Loubna, and figuring out a color and icon that each represents  one another. We really worked well as a team, making a timetable and assigning work equally. I am proud and thankful for Loubna and Maya. Not only did we complete the project faster than we expected but I also gained two new friends.

Overall this project was amazing. The best part for me was being able to go to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden because I gained a whole lot of new perspective and inspiration. I think i could’ve spent more time on making my thumbnail sketch and improving my color interaction pairs.

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