Assignment #4: Critique

I have already made another critique post for this assignment in my previous posts but i will do it again since i did not include my thoughts of second part of the assignment.

While I don’t like my prismatic, chromatic grey, and muted color collages, I do think I did a good job with making a swiss style band poster with my group. At first I didn’t like working with a group because sometimes people can be unreliable and slack off. I quickly learned that my group was not bad at all and we were able to work well as a team. In the end I am proud of my group for being able to make our swiss style band poster in just the short amount of time we were given. When we remade our poster in adobe illustrator I was glad it game out nice and clean. The colors looked great also.

Overall I think this project was a tough one, especially when we needed to paint, but it also gives me the confidence to overstep my fears and weaknesses and just do better the next time.  This class has taught me that no matter what, your weaknesses and fears should also be your driving force to become more than what you expected.

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