Color Studies: Critique

I was really excited  to work with colors when i first started out this project. The hardest  part for me was to make the Chromatic Gray  Collages. I easily got frustrated when mixing the paint and it was time consuming. I often got muted colors too. Working with colors was more difficult that i had imagined. My eyes were sometimes tricking me and i would get confused. Working with prismatic and muted colors were much easier than working with the chromatic grays but in the end of the project i was not satisfied with any of my work. I felt like i didn’t follow the guidelines. I really plan on remaking my collages when i have more time in my hands. It was frustrating that i kept on running out of yellow and white paint too. I think i need to improve in conserving my paint and also in mixing them.  I need to challenge myself more by remaking these so i can improve  and hopefully get a better grade too. Although i am not satisfied with any of my work, I think the project itself is really good for training your eyes to know the differences between muted, chromatic grays, and prismatic colors. It is also good to know the difference in saturation and color.

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