HMGT 1101- eProfile

Hi, My name is Danny Lee. I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. When I graduated from high school I have not idea what I going to major in college so I decided to join the military in 2005. I have four years of experience in the military. I was a Cavalry scouts and my job was to reconnaissance, a driver and a dismount. After four years in the army, I decided to enroll in college which I have no idea what I going to major. So, I decided to major in Hospitality Management. I’m looking to gain some experience in this field. But, In the near future my goals is to become a chef, a hotel manager and maybe one day open my own restaurant. My strengths is athletic, friendly, open minded, outgoing, competitive and disciplined. During my spare time, I like to cook my own meal at home and travel different parts of the worlds. I been to many places such as China, Germany, Washington D.C, Atlantic City, Kentucky and Philadelphia. Looking forward for an fun, excite and interesting semester.


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