About Me

Name : Danielle Dent
Age : 22
Location : New York City
Occupation : Student – Freelance Designer – Designer for hire

About Me :
I grew up in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. I moved to New York City at the age of 18, and started attending college to attain a degree at City Tech College in Graphic Arts and Production Management.

Why Graphic Arts?
I have always loved art. In Elementary and High School I spent periods drawing, sketching, and coloring. Merging my love for art with my love of computers, I practiced in Jasc Paint Shop Pro, and then graduating to the Adobe Creative Suit.

Why should I hire you?
 I know the “technical” terms to making successful graphics, and what most be done, but I am able to be creative. I can get the product and results you want. i clearly make graphics one of a knd. I put thought, feeling and stories behind everything I do, down to the smallest deta

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