In Problem 2, we were given the task of creating a raked stage with a front and back step unit, which could be re-situated for another show. So the transition would be going from a concert to a talent show. Both shows required matte black paint over the facing and staircases and the concert floor had to be painted a glossy black. As a team, our decision was to use triscuit platforms with studwalls. We divided the work in three parts. One person did budgeting, one person did the platforms and stud walls, and another person did the staircases.

My responsibility was to take care of the staircases.

The learning opportunity in making the staircases had to do with the construction of it. There are plenty of different ways of making the staircases. I decided to divide the staircases into seperate step units that could then be bolted together side by side. The back of these step units would be open so that someone could assemble them together under the stage. That being said, I didn’t exactly consider what a tight squeeze that would be for somebody to help assemble during load-in.

Overall, I was very happy with my approach to building the step units, as I’ve had experience with building them. Since the project was a little easier on me, I decided to focus on making sure my construction drawings were as detailed as possible.