Prior to City Tech, I have never had any culinary academic experience. That being said, my experience in the kitchen started from a young age. I would accompany my father to his job as a Head chef and he would let me watch him prepare several different dishes. I slowly worked my way into helping him with prep work as I got older, and eventually, I landed my first job in the culinary field back in 2021. I instantly fell in love with seeing people enjoy the food I was helping prepare and their smiles as you would greet them to dine at your restaurant. I found it easy to be hospitable and do small things to increase their guest experience. Handing out glasses of water, helping them decide on which menu item they would enjoy the most, and even just simply asking them how they were doing were all things I would find myself doing daily and yet I never grew tired of it. Since then I have been building my experience in the industry and am working at yet another hospitality job and am aiming towards my goal of owning a restaurant where I can build recipes, and offer guests a great experience time and time again. My strengths would be my ability to listen and engage when others share stories because these will help me build connections with the customers. This is why I am at City Tech, I am to learn as much as I can within these classes and grow more tools to be the most welcoming and enjoyable host there is for the customers.