My name is Arilesli but call me Ari for short. I’m a returning student, I had started at City Tech in 2018 but I had a rough start and was failing my classes. I figured it would do me good if I take a break while I try to figure out what I really want to do in my life. 

Throughout that time I ended up working and traveling. I travel to Mexico, Puerto Rico and Texas. I got to work in a fast food restaurant and a couple of restaurants as a cook in the city. Currently I am a cook at the new Alamo Drafthouse opened in Staten Island. I have a good experience of working in restaurants you could say.

 I think hospitality management is the right major for me since I’ve always been fascinating with food and besides my love to cooking I like to travel a lot. Even if it involves just discovering new spots in this city. I guess I would like to have a dream career that involves traveling and food. Food blogger? Maybe. I want to grow as I learn more into this major. I’ll just see what there is planned ahead for me. I’m just really excited to be back in school and study what I had been wanting to do so from the beginning.