Transparency & Layering

Poster for Emigre Graphics Magazine.
Multiple perspective but intended viewpoint is when color field is on right edge.   Made to resemble draft printed from computer. Space for inventory information at upper left corner. Side-way reproduction of enlarged computer screen of graphics program using layering of dark military green, pink, and faint military green. Top left is in dark military green while bottom left and bottom right are in faint military green.  Majority of poster is pink.  File name is "Time Page 1" on left center with rows of icons such as cursor, hand, text box along left side.  Guide ruler at bottom. Image on computer screen seem to be blurred camera with pixelated image of lens. Across center, imprinted in white: "(DRAMATIZATION)/ 1/ PLEASE, DO NOT ATTEMPT/ THIS AT HOME".Promotional poster for "Fact TwentyTwo", album from Emigre Music. Intersecting circles in pink, black and yellow in various diameters throughout poster with either simple text or photo of daisy superimposed.  At top, large partial pink circle with superimposed photo of daisy at upper left overlap with small blank black circle and large yellow circle with image of daisy. Small black circle overlaps smaller black circle with "Energy" imprinted in white.  At center "Fact/Twenty/Two" imprinted in black. Around title, title repeated in pink and all other text repeated in yellow, in circle formation. Yellow circle outlined in pink with "cd" imprinted in pink at lower right.  "Energy" in upper right, "Work" in upper middle at left; "Power" in lower left. Design plays on circle motif as well as layering.  Black is top layer while yellow and pink are equal.  Emigre logo, pink slanted ellipse with "EMIGRE" in white, at lower left corner.Poster for the outdoor exhibition, Works in the Open Air, at the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan (2010). "Works in the open air" appears in a staggered vertical composition. The words are printed in varying shades of blue, with different textures (lined, dotted, etc.). They are integrated into a larger composition of abstract designs (yellow and purple) and Hangul text (red), as if in layers. Beneath these layers, small human figures are lightly outlined against the white background. They are shown in various poses of relaxation and play.

These are successful examples of layering and transparency through there use of varying colored shapes on top of objects with a transparent fill.

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