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It was interesting how the artist wanted to bring street art back but in a innovative way. It was cool to read because they put graffiti on a truck.

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  1. Isis Swaby says:

    I posted this on my profile wall. I didn’t know I was suppose to submit it here.

    Last Days of Wicker
    Link: The Last Days of Wicker

    Who knew? It was a dying art form and is a niche market of home design. I have always enjoyed Ikea wicker products their near partially knocked off designs. I have relished in vintage wicker purses and home decor items from local thrift and vintage shops, but when it comes to the furniture, its an art. A strong component of home design is that it is handmade and it requires specific craftsmanship. Wicker is made from a natural materials such as, “A cane seat, mid-realization. Cane comes from fibers made from the bark of rattan stems.” (NEEDLEMAN 1) Wicker is sourced from different regions in Europe countries such as UK, Sweden and Italy in family owned farms and homes. Wicker furniture can be hand crafted and by tradition through family’s businesses, it is also created from natural resources which can make the product more durable and withstand the durability. I found it interesting that the Sweden based wicker designers makes a trip as a requirement to be trained in Malaysia for six months to learn the trade from skilled craftsman in the wicker process. In addition, some employees work in the field for forty to fifty years of wicker processing, with this process the they create chairs, love seats and tables.

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