Where do you go for inspiration?


The Shape of Design by Frank Chimero online

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  1. Diana Young says:

    3 websites for Inspiration


    2. PICDIT

    3. MoMA

  2. Shavon S. says:

    3 Inspirational Sites:

  3. i found this work on
    I Absolutely love tomas ivaskevicius work here I always have a thing for rough sketches but the colored and finished art pieces grab my attention, I love the values used and the colors. The black and white pieces are also beautifully detailed.

  4. Marc morin says:

  5. Marc Morin says:

  6. Jake Espinal says:

    Check it out! Hope you enjoy it

  7. These are my inspirational artists:

    I admire Glenn Arthur because we have similar art styles and I love his creativity. I always look at his work to get inspiration.

    I love looking through Alice Marie Robinson’s work. It is very realistic and very precise. I can’t tell if it’s a picture or an actual drawing. You should definitely check her out! It will blow your mind.

    Craww has a very unique artistic style that fits my taste. Mostly dark and majestic.

  8. Fannyb says:

    My inspirations are

  9. Eric says:

    My inspiration sites:


    PIXIV (mostly in Japanese but the navigation is in English and easy. also must make an account to browse)

    Computer Hope

  10. this person in particular inspires me. The artwork displayed is what i dream of my abilities one day reaching look through his gallery you might like something you see.

  11. Milan says:

    My inspiration sites are:http:

  12. another two people I love because of their unique styles I idolize them!

  13. Jake Espinal says: This video is about Designer Aaron Draplin and how he gives advice to young designers. He’s funny as well and I think all of you should watch this.

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