Field Trip to the United Federation of Teachers

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Our field trip to the United Federation of Teachers opened my mind to printing. When I entered the room filled with machines that was all related to printing just surprises me. I would have never thought printing would be this complicated and requires this much of machinery. Each machine with their own task of handling printing and performing different tasks that I would have never thought could do. I also noticed how some of the machines looked really old and is still functional. I also noticed how careful the worker were when dealing with the machines along with all the warning and safety signs posted in front of the machine. If this is how printing works imagine how crazy 3D printing will be? 3D printing will really take printing to a whole new level.

The trip really showed me a lot about printing and the many ways of printing there is. Every machine requires a person to handle it and control its function. Maybe in the far future the machines will not require a person to control its function and just has an off and on switch and a panel to edit settings. Just thinking of all the machines in the trip it really shows how technology change printing a lot. If we look back into how printing used to be and look back at today’s printing it is insane. Along with the tour we also had a really really good tour guide who guided us through different machines and gave us information and history for each machine, along with good life lessons. Overall the trip was great, gave me a different perspective in printing. Now every time I look into a magazine I would think of all the process this magazine had to go through to form this organize and well made piece of work.

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