Trip to the Letterpress


Last week we went to the printing room and learned about the history of printing. We saw the Letterpress that was used over 50 years ago to product copies of materials. The Letter press require labor which means it requires the person to be psychically there to produce one copy after another. So if 100 copies is needed the person will have to manually produce 100 copies. The Letter press requires ink to be paint onto the ink plate so there will be color. Then you will have to make the plate of what you want to appear on your paper.

You turn on the machine and then put the plate on the gripper and then place a piece of paper on the gripper and when the roller touches the paper you pull the lever to make the press into the paper and pull the lever back to where it was. You then take out the paper and let the ink dry. The Letterpress was the only efficient machine that can produce massive papers at its time. Think of it was a computer printer but requires you to set up the plates used to press onto the paper, and requires labor rather then a massive machine to do the individual printing.

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