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Dell’s current Logo                                                   Dell’s old Logo

The logo of a well-known company I choose for this assignment is Dell. Before I start to speak about the logo of Dell I would like to throw out some basic information on the company Dell. Dell is a leading global American company technology corporation that is located in Round Rock, Texas. The company name and logo is based of its founder, Michael Dell. Dell is currently one of the largest technology corporations in the world. The oldest Dell logo was designed in 1984 by the celebrated global strategic brand consultancy firm Siegel+Gale. 

The slanted “E” in the Dell logo is suggested that it depicts the founder’s ambition to “turn the world on its ear”, and based on the history of Dell they indeed changed the way computers were processed and sold to customers. The logo immediately became popular because of Dell’s market strategy. Dell was the first technology corporation to sell computers by allowing the customers to have their computer builds the way they wanted online and then have it delivered to them. The slanted “E” in the logo stands out and allows people to recognize the logo. The current version of the Dell logo was designed by Lippincott, a famous branding agency. The logo represents the Museo typeface which was designed by Dutch type designer Jos Buivenga. The current logo was introduced towards the end of 2010. The blue ring surrounding the word Dell in the logo protects the iconic Dell logotype. The company’s new slogan is “The power to do more” is placed underneath the ring. The use of the color blue in the Dell logo signifies elegance, loyalty, reliability, confidence and intelligence.


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