Spring 2019 Events

Sustainable Self Care Workshop at Macaulay Honors College

On April 18, 2019, the Macaulay Green Initiative had a Sustainable Self Care Workshop. Tareen Haque, the 2019 CYA, helped organize the event and introduced the workshop by discussing sustainability on a global scale and introducing the global SDGs, specifically SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production). After the presentation, participants used sustainable and organic resources to make DIY lotion bars and lip balms. The bars and lip balms were primarily made of beeswax, among other ingredients like shea butter and essential oils. Members were also allowed to customize their recyclable/compostable lip balm containers.


Upcycling Event at Macaulay Honors College


Tareen Haque, the 2019 CYA, who also serves as the internal events coordinator for the Macaulay Green Initiative club helped organize a collaboration between the Macaulay Green Initiative, the Macaulay Service Initiative and CCNY Humanizing to upcycle old Macaulay t-shirts from service events into chew toys for dogs and “catnip dumplings”, or cat throw toys filled with catnip. These toys were donated to Pillows for Paws, a volunteer organization devoted to providing supplies for animal shelters. “I’m overjoyed that those who attended the event were able to work towards SDG12 (Responsible Consumption, and Production) by upcycling these old t-shirts. These t-shirts would have otherwise been thrown out or never used, and we were able to repurpose them into something wholesome that would make a difference”, Tareen shared after the successful event on February 1, 2019.