Fall 2018 Events

A conversation about the CUNY Youth Ambassador Program and Quality Education at CUNY

On Tuesday 11/6/2018, we gathered at the Graduate Center with an invited group of staff, faculty and administrators from CUNY Central, the Graduate Center and other CUNY campuses to discuss the CUNY Youth Ambassador Program and its return for the second year at CUNY with the support of the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report team at UNESCO in Paris . We were honored to have Farjana Shati, the 2018 CUNY Youth Ambassador, share her experience and discuss what the program means to her and to her academic and career paths.

Farjana Shati sharing her experience and what the CUNY Youth Ambassador Program means to her

Material from the GEM UNESCO reports and the 2018 CUNY Youth Ambassador pilot 


ACT4SDGs – Global Day of Action – Recruitment for the CUNY Youth Ambassador Program and Information Sharing

We were happy to take action in the Global Day of Action to spread the word and act to achieve the SDGs. We had a table set up in the first floor Atrium building at City Tech on Tuesday 9/25/2018 from 1-2 pm.Thank you to the many students and faculty who stopped by to learn about the SDGs, share their support, learn more about our program and sign up for information about the chance to become the next CUNY Youth Ambassador!