One “Small” Straw, One “Small” Step

The past month has been extremely hectic for me in terms of the workload from school. To be completely honest, it’s been hard to keep up with everything, especially with planning my signature project. However, I was able to feel inspired again with the help of the WhatsApp group that was created during one of the panels at the Winter Youth Assembly in February. One of the members in the WhatsApp group, who was a Venezuelan delegate, brought up how Venezuela has been out of power for four days and is in dire need of help. This started the next WhatsApp group, called Friends for Action. Friends for Action is trying to find ways in order to help Venezuela during the humanitarian crisis. In order to do this, the delegates trying to raise awareness through a social media campaign called “Friends for Action” as well as raise money for supplies for Venezuela. Several delegates donated money to give LifeStraws to filter water.  Seeing these people put their brains together and try to be so active in a time for crisis was able to remind me why I got involved as the CUNY Youth Ambassador in the first place. In a world that constantly has issues such as gender disparities and humanitarian crises, it is crucial to remember that you always have a role in how you act towards these issues. Ignoring them and hoping they will hopefully work out for themselves enables these incidents to continue happening and causes you to act as the bystander. However, doing something, literally ANYTHING, is a step in order to combat these issues. No step is too small to make a change. For example, Americans alone use hundreds of millions of straws every day. By choosing reusable options, you can stop that one straw from endangering a turtle and save their life. The WhatsApp group that was originally made just to share ideas about how to get more active was able to create a multi-national movement in order to help Venezuela. One person sharing their struggles in Venezuela was able to empower numerous people into making a chance. It’s truly amazing to see what happens when the youth come together.

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