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The game will take place in a Village as well as in the forest.  The main purpose for my game is for the Queen to gain back control of her kingdom. she has been absent for about 3 years. On her return she sees her kingdom has been taken over by villains and her village has gotten destroy.  The game will consist of her figuring out effective straightedges in order to distract the villains away from her kingdom. As well as her make deals, alliances and conducting labor in order for her to gain money to fix her kingdom and gain full control.

step by step

job transaction
Cashing a check
Call the customer over and greed them
Interact with them for a minute, let them present you their check
pick up the check make sure it’s sign
Go to teller link press on cash a check look up customer, click on name search, type in their first and last name and click on the search box.
Look up the costumer by address when the name is a common name,
Click on customer profile
Take a picture for the transaction.
Press business check scan the check when the green light appears make sure the check shows for the right amount and compare it with the original check image of a previos check. Accept the check if everything matches.
Ask the customer if he need anything else, if not then proceeded to paying him out. Type in the check amount and hang it in with the receipt.