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Game Story

During the middle ages in china, there was this war ridden emperor who built a castle that is the size of a mountain. The Emperor rushed his people to build this castle which caused a rift. Everything was far from peaceful because of the unmet promises by the emperor. The people began to riot and cause a major uproar outside the emperor’s castle. The emperor dispatches his 3 lieutenants to bring the peace. During the commotion, some rebels use a secret entrance to kidnap the emperor’s children. All hell breaks loose when the emperor discovers this betrayal. The furious Emperor issues a bounty on all who is involved and once again dispatches his special lieutenants to  figure out who the culprit is.Out of the 3 lieutenants that work on this quandary, one is the Villain(slick and persuasive) , one is the Hero(highly respected and loyal), and one is the Rival(deceitful and intelligent) . It is up to the Hero to navigate through the thin evidence and evade traps that await him. Unfortunately, the Emperor has given his lieutenants 7 days to solve it or he will execute them for the inability to protect his children. The Rival can help or disrupt you and the villain will leave behind breadcrumbs of evidence. The hero navigates through the evidence and discovers the shocking truth. As the hero informs the emperor of this betrayal, the villain appears and it seems he has told the emperor that it is the hero who is the culprit. The emperor seeks the 3rd lieutenant’s(Rival) opinion. And depending on the choices made against the heroes rival he will either help you or have you killed for his benefit (bounty reward). To be continued…?


During the Middle Ages in northern China, there exists this despicable Emperor, who appointed the hero  to catch who is responsible for his children’s disappearance.