Dylan is a 15-year-old boy that comes from a paper world, where he himself is made out of paper and everything around him. Dylan lives in the time of the French Revolution where everyone is ranked by classes and the king ruled everything, making the commander pay taxes. He is an orphan and stays in an orphanage in a small town in France. After going out for walks Dylan sees children with their family and is eager to find out who he really is. He wants to know who his parents are, his background, and why did he end up as an orphan. One day the caretaker of the orphanage saw how sad he was and he explained his story. She told him that he was special and if he really wanted to know the answer to his question then he has to go find Zeus, a god that lives in a cave.

Then one day a storm hits France and ruined almost everything even the orphanage. Will Dylan stay to help rebuild the orphanage or will he start his mission?

During his mission the only thing Dylan carries with him is papers. He has an endless amount of papers. During his journey he meets a lot of obstacles. For example, accidents, getting called by the king, escaping the guillotine, surviving through storms, beating the dragons, and etc. In order to survive Dylan has to make origami swords or anything that will defeat his opponents.  Will Dylan be able to fold his way to survival and find the answers to his questions?

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