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Clash of Essense

Game Story:

On 2017, multiple rifts suddenly appear in the sky. From the rifts, appears large amounts of human figures. Next to each individual people, stands a person who are identical to their partners except they have a certain aura surrounding them. These look alike are called Essence. Essence holds a special power to absorb anything that has a concept. They can then make that concept become a part of their power. The terrifying part of this power is that no matter if the concept is physical, mental, spiritual, imaginary, etc., as long as the concept exist, imagine, and can be grasp by even a single individual, it can be absorbed. In addition, Essences cannot absorb more than what the true owner’s body can handle or else the true owner’s body will self-destruct. Fortunately, all living things on Earth will be able to use the powers of Essences. Our main protagonist, Ken Clark, a 20-year-old college student, is able to awaken his Essences after a close victory with another Essence user. Knowing that battles against the invaders is inevitable, he reluctantly decides to go back home to his family. His family comes from a long line of Peacemaker. In the underground, peacemakers are people who peacefully deal with abnormal situation. After returning home, Ken underwent training to help him prepare for future battle. Battles after battles and trials after trials, Ken eventually fights against the person behind the invasion, Fir. Both fought almost to the verge of death until both can no longer fight. It was during this fight that Ken found out the goal of the invaders. He discovers that Fir wants to absorb the concept of God in this world and uses that power in order to dominate multiple universe. After his battle with Fir, Ken is determined to stop Fir from accomplishing his goal. He decides that he will find the concept of God first before Fir does and use his Essences to absorb it and change the law of the universe.



On 2017, Earth is invaded by humans with special powers from a different universe.

Lock Up

My game is about a Top Engineer named Dominic. He is an engineer with an impeccable reputation at his firm. High government agents demand his assistance in getting many of their most valuable assets out of numerous prisons. If he doesn’t do what he is being asked his family will be killed. Not knowing who they really are, he risks EVERYTHING to do what they want. He is no longer the person he has set out to be. He has only the impressive knowledge of a top engineer to come up with a plan that can help him find out who is keeping his life hostage and finally get his life back. In the process of finding out who this high government agent is and get back into reality, he must sacrifice whoever is in the way even those who helped him in the first place.

Finally, Legal

My game is about a young man named Josh whose birthday is today! He has finally turned 21 and his best friend Daniel is hosting a big event on his behalf. Josh and Daniel live in Miami and they are the hottest DJ in town, so everyone is coming out to have some fun. This is a birthday Josh will never forget. He relives the same day repeatedly on his birthday and tries to figure out who is attempting to kill him at his very own party every time and why. He is killed at the end of each day by a masked killer with one eye. Immediately upon dying he wakes up again in the morning with full memory of what he had experienced. He decides to catch hold of the killer’s identity by noting down the experience that he has every day.

The Incident

In a world much like the one we live in corruption everywhere choices clouded by hate or thoughts of survival. A man witnesses something quit normal a government official taking a bribe from a known triad leader. So the man ignores it and walks away. 50 mins later the man goes home to discover that nothing has happened to his family and that he forgot to get milk from the supermarket and goes back caught by the agony of his life no changing at all he goes up to the government official and does nothing because he was just curious how much money it takes to bribe someone but sadly unlike the first time he actually gets noticed by the trid boss and gets shot. Lucky as he was trying to escape he ran in an ambulance truck face first adding more injures to his body, as they were taking him to the hospital the man realizes that he totally forgot about the milk. As the man makes it to the hospital he sees the third member again but in a doctors lab coat and then as he the doctor approached him he grow more scared until he actually applied medical aid. At first the man questioned the sanity of the doctor/tried boss, but the he thought maybe it wasn’t the same person, as he was thinking the doctor gets a call and as soon as he does his face changes to a reddish angry face at first the boss just gives him a look of intimidation but then he pulls out a knife to stab him.


There year is 2157 with major terrorist attack on the empire state building in New York City. Thousands were murdered and from it a new Counter Terrorist organization was created. They are known as the paramilitary group ARCS or Assault Recon Counterterrorist Squad. A.R.C.S. has turned New York City into a militaristic police state with mass surveillance. Officers of A.R.C.S. have been known to use aggressive tactics and stomp out any potential threats. In 2167, a rebel group of hackers that have been actively opposing A.R.C.S. known as Dragonflies in hopes of making New York City a free society.

Technology has vastly changed from our current time. A common technology used by A.R.C.S is the use of a headset known as a psycho drive. This headset has a heads-up display that can acquire a person’s name, date of birth, blood type, and monitor their heartrate. It can also read thoughts. This technology was created to prevent terrorist attacks from taking place but many A.R.C.S soldiers have used it for nefarious purposes. Laser cutting swords and piercing laser guns are also used.  There are humans that can get augmented electronics and robotic parts implanted into their bodies. This has become more common especially among the rich. People who have had augmented cyber surgery can be hacked by hackers and all members of the Dragonflies have no augmented parts.

The main character starts off with a high school student by the name T.J. On his last year of high school, he attends a college fair where A.R.C.S soldiers are recruiting students with exceptional hacking skills. T.J. intended on joining A.R.C.S after his parents were killed in the empire terrorist attack in 2157. He undergoes a dilemma when he finds out his girlfriend Athena is affiliated with the Dragonflies.

Kurayami ga Hajimaru (Darkness Begin)

Taking place in XXXX year, where technology is taking over and VR gaming is very popular among billions of people. You, the main character is a gaming addict person. One day XXX company release a new VR game which is called XXXXX game, that become an instant hit among millions of people.
XXXXX game setting => In the 8 A.D. of X world where it is divided into two sides. “Shiro world”  is a place where every race (Elf, beastman, dragon, dwarf, fairy, demon and human)  co-exist and lives with each other peacefully. However darkness always co-exist with the light, creating a dark work known as “Kuro world” also known as “Z world”. In Z world, there exist only monsters, ghosts, evil demons and criminals. Z world is known for it incredible darkness that once you enter you lose your sanity if you stay there for a long period of time.
In XXXXX game where your choice will leads to which ever paths your taking you will see a different results. Your Mission result will also affect your journey into the game. You will also have the option to customized your character and choose your race  such as elf, beastman, dragon, dwarf, fairy, demon and human.
Since XXXXX game become a instant hit and millions of people are playing XXXXX game without any worries. A month has pass by since XXXXX game was release, XXXXX game was suddenly attack by an unknown virus that forces players to enter Z world and make the Z world more darker than it’s already is.
Will you be able to survive the game or will you lose your sanity to Z world. Your fate will decide for you.
Character description : customized base
  •   Gender: Female or Male (more option available)
  •    Race: Elf, beastman, dragon, dwarf, fairy, demon and human
  •    Age: Unknown
  •    Level (in game) : Unknown (you are one of the players that have the highest level)
  •    Ability: depend on the race you chose/skills you accumulate throughout the game.

Hamsters World

My game is about Hamster that is trying to survive in this evil world. He  lives in present time. He lost his family in the hurricane and he does not have any friend. A poor little boy is trying his best  to live a happy Hamsters life. His name is Vlad and he is 14 years old ( In humans age ). The only thing that he has, it is a small house by the ocean that was destroyed by the hurricane. Vlad’s mission is to rebuild his house and in order to do that he has to go through missions.

Life of Wolves

My world is among the kingdom of Wolves. Being a Luna, I have to fight for the freedom of the land from the other Luna from the other kingdoms. My family loves peace, Harmony , Playfulness, hunting, running and family. My kingdom is located between he forests and the mountain. There are a lot of space to run around for quietness and to cool down. We enjoy all the seasons throughout the year. Though we have friends from the other kingdom, which are located throughout the world, we try to keep peace between ourselves while hunting. My goal is to keep honor in my kingdom which is no easy task and to keep my family from any unwanted harm. If there is any trouble at all, our way of communication is by howling and running away from immediate threat to safety.

Game Story

During the middle ages in china, there was this war ridden emperor who built a castle that is the size of a mountain. The Emperor rushed his people to build this castle which caused a rift. Everything was far from peaceful because of the unmet promises by the emperor. The people began to riot and cause a major uproar outside the emperor’s castle. The emperor dispatches his 3 lieutenants to bring the peace. During the commotion, some rebels use a secret entrance to kidnap the emperor’s children. All hell breaks loose when the emperor discovers this betrayal. The furious Emperor issues a bounty on all who is involved and once again dispatches his special lieutenants to  figure out who the culprit is.Out of the 3 lieutenants that work on this quandary, one is the Villain(slick and persuasive) , one is the Hero(highly respected and loyal), and one is the Rival(deceitful and intelligent) . It is up to the Hero to navigate through the thin evidence and evade traps that await him. Unfortunately, the Emperor has given his lieutenants 7 days to solve it or he will execute them for the inability to protect his children. The Rival can help or disrupt you and the villain will leave behind breadcrumbs of evidence. The hero navigates through the evidence and discovers the shocking truth. As the hero informs the emperor of this betrayal, the villain appears and it seems he has told the emperor that it is the hero who is the culprit. The emperor seeks the 3rd lieutenant’s(Rival) opinion. And depending on the choices made against the heroes rival he will either help you or have you killed for his benefit (bounty reward). To be continued…?


During the Middle Ages in northern China, there exists this despicable Emperor, who appointed the hero  to catch who is responsible for his children’s disappearance.

The Pursuit of Truth

Game Story:

Taking place approximately 300 years from now on the distant planet Neptune, one man named Simon discovers an alternate travel path on the spaceship. The only person access to the ship being his longtime friend and upon questioning him, he learns his friend is obviously withholding information. Simon who always follows everything by the law and always internalizes his curious thoughts about his whereabouts and where he originated from decides to be spontaneous for once and embarks on a journey to the place which he was told ceased to exist, Planet Earth. After landing on Planet Earth, he soon discovers he is just a slave working for the human race who depend on him and his kind (A.I.) to supply things such as food. He also finds out at the end of the story that he is living in a simulation and questions whether he has any free-will.

Log Line:

In a place where nothing is ever questioned…until one curious person leads the journey for the discovery of the real truth about the past.