The Incident

In a world much like the one we live in corruption everywhere choices clouded by hate or thoughts of survival. A man witnesses something quit normal a government official taking a bribe from a known triad leader. So the man ignores it and walks away. 50 mins later the man goes home to discover that nothing has happened to his family and that he forgot to get milk from the supermarket and goes back caught by the agony of his life no changing at all he goes up to the government official and does nothing because he was just curious how much money it takes to bribe someone but sadly unlike the first time he actually gets noticed by the trid boss and gets shot. Lucky as he was trying to escape he ran in an ambulance truck face first adding more injures to his body, as they were taking him to the hospital the man realizes that he totally forgot about the milk. As the man makes it to the hospital he sees the third member again but in a doctors lab coat and then as he the doctor approached him he grow more scared until he actually applied medical aid. At first the man questioned the sanity of the doctor/tried boss, but the he thought maybe it wasn’t the same person, as he was thinking the doctor gets a call and as soon as he does his face changes to a reddish angry face at first the boss just gives him a look of intimidation but then he pulls out a knife to stab him.

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