Draco Warrior

The story of Draco Warrior takes place in a fictional version of the European Middle Ages where humans and animals create bonds by communicating openly with one another through the power of zoolingualism. Humans are able to communicate with animals that are commonly found on Earth, such as bears and pigs, and mythical creatures such as unicorns and centaurs. Upon birth, every human is paired with an animal companion. The animal companion will live with the human that it is paired with until death. Once either the human or the animal perishes, the solo individual will not have the opportunity to find another companion and that individual will be shunned from society forever. Humans can be paired with any animal in the animal kingdom except for dragons. Since dragons are considered to be just as intelligent and independent as humans and they are known for being the creators of the universe, humans do not have the honor of being paired with dragons. However, only humans that have demonstrated great acts of bravery, compassion, and purity can be paired with dragons. The most powerful dragon in this world is known as the Dimension Dragon. The Dimension Dragon has the ability to travel to other universes that are parallel to Earth. Anyone that is paired with the Dimension Dragon has the honor of acquiring the title of Protector of All Universes.

The main character of this story is a young serf named Drake. Drake belongs to a family whose ancestors have controlled dragons in the past. His father claims that if Drake is strong enough to leave the land that is owned by their lord, he will have a chance to go on a journey and prove his worth to the Dimension Dragon. Based on the animal companion the player chooses, the player will follow Drake on his quest to become the Protector of All Universes.

Logline: In a fictional version of the European Middle Ages, a young serf named Drake must escape his lord’s land with his animal companion and fulfill his father’s prophecy of proving his worth to the Dimension Dragon and becoming the Protector of All Universes.

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