There year is 2157 with major terrorist attack on the empire state building in New York City. Thousands were murdered and from it a new Counter Terrorist organization was created. They are known as the paramilitary group ARCS or Assault Recon Counterterrorist Squad. A.R.C.S. has turned New York City into a militaristic police state with mass surveillance. Officers of A.R.C.S. have been known to use aggressive tactics and stomp out any potential threats. In 2167, a rebel group of hackers that have been actively opposing A.R.C.S. known as Dragonflies in hopes of making New York City a free society.

Technology has vastly changed from our current time. A common technology used by A.R.C.S is the use of a headset known as a psycho drive. This headset has a heads-up display that can acquire a person’s name, date of birth, blood type, and monitor their heartrate. It can also read thoughts. This technology was created to prevent terrorist attacks from taking place but many A.R.C.S soldiers have used it for nefarious purposes. Laser cutting swords and piercing laser guns are also used.  There are humans that can get augmented electronics and robotic parts implanted into their bodies. This has become more common especially among the rich. People who have had augmented cyber surgery can be hacked by hackers and all members of the Dragonflies have no augmented parts.

The main character starts off with a high school student by the name T.J. On his last year of high school, he attends a college fair where A.R.C.S soldiers are recruiting students with exceptional hacking skills. T.J. intended on joining A.R.C.S after his parents were killed in the empire terrorist attack in 2157. He undergoes a dilemma when he finds out his girlfriend Athena is affiliated with the Dragonflies.

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