Phone Photography – Umar Alam

  1. Open an application which captures images; preferably one with Manual camera settings.
  2. Turn on the Display Grid to assist in Framing the Subject(s).
  3. Choose a Shutter Speed:
    1. Faster Shutter Speed – Less Light and Less Motion Blur
    2. Slower Shutter Speed – More Light and More Motion Blur
  4. Adjust camera’s sensitivity to Light to the lowest ISO value which provides the desired amount of Light in the image.
    1. Higher ISO – More Light captured and More Noise produced (Fuzzier)
    2. Lower ISO – Less Light captured and Less Noise produced (Sharper)
  5. Identify the Subject(s) to be photographed.
  6. Determine how to Frame the Subject(s). For example:
    1. Centering the Subject(s) or
    2. Using the Rule of Thirds with the 3×3 Display Grid
  7. Set Up the shot with your determined Framing.
  8. Adjust camera’s focus; usually by tapping on the phone’s display where you want to focus.
  9. Capture the Image.
  10. If desired, take additional photographs of the same Subject(s) using Framing options to find the best one in the situation.


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