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Hobby Algorithm
How to Play Marbles
At least 2 or more player are required.
Each player must have 2 or more marbles to participate.
1 marble as the shooter marble and the other as your contribution to play.
To begin play:
1. A line must be drawn on the floor
2. Players stay 10to 15 feet behind the line shoot their marbles towards the line.
3. The player with the closest marble to the line gets to play first.
4. Collet at least 1 marble from every player.
5. Draw a triangle of about 1 square foot and place all collected marbles inside.
6. The marbles inside the triangle can be situated however you desire, but preferably spread-out to make the game more challenging.
7. The player whose turn it is, must stand 10 feet from the triangle and flick the shooter marble with his or her thumb trying to hit as many marbles out of the triangle as possible.
8. If the player knocks any marbles out of the triangle, keep them and have another turn.
9. If the player fails to knock any marbles out of the triangle, the next player takes their turn.
10. Continue until all the marbles in the triangle are empty.
11. The winner is the person with the most marbles at the end of the game.

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