Albano – Sana Esa

1. In your own words, explain the difference between a parser interactive fiction game and a choose your path interactive fiction game.
The difference between a parser interactive fiction and a choose your own path inter active game is that the parser is the game gives the player a chunk of text which has words that turn in to action. So the player gets to choose from those words what their person will do. While the choose your own path game gives the player different scenarios and you get to choose what scenario you will take.
2. Name an example of a parser game.
An example of a Parser game is Zork 1 and Planetfall.
3. Name an example of a choose your own path game
Sugarcane Island
4. Why does she say interactive fiction virtually died out in the mid-1990s?
She says that because Activision bought Infocom at that time and that led to the decline of production of interactive fiction games. There was also competition in the end it could not keep up with the new market.
5. Why does she say poetry is an important element of interactive fiction writing? What example does she use?
Because in interactive fiction games the writing is what brings the story to life, as the player we are captured by the words that used to tell the story and we begin to see the story come to life and that’s what makes us want to play. Ms. Heather uses the game With Those We Love Alive as an example of how poetry is used to make these stories more interesting.
6. Why does she say that ambiguity is not only unavoidable but also necessary?
Interactive games rely on text there isn’t enough room for the developers to write everything It’s not possible for everything to be described and that’s where the player’s imagination comes in. The player fills in the spaces that the developers did not.
7. What’s important about complicity?
Complexity allows the player to make the story into whatever they want, they become the developers or the story writers. The game becomes more interactiv

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