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Culmination Fall 2018


As announced earlier this semester, we continue to use this culmination project group this semester, fall 2018.

If you are still new to OpenLab, here is a comprehensive link on creating an ePortfolio:

Setting up your ePortfolio Site

If you go to the bottom of the page, there are also links to guide you to learn about how to add pages, how to organize pages, and how to add media among others.

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Poster etc.

Yesterday, in class, we viewed the slide show, “Poster Session 2017,” created by Prof. Sue Brandt. As discussed, it is available on BB for your convenience (please go to the “Content” on the left column to find it).

Next week, you need to bring your rough, rough draft of your poster. If you can bring its print out on a sheet paper (11″ x 17″), you can present it to your classmates and get some feedback in small groups during the session.

Correction: The deadline of your poster (rough draft) is October 24th. I might have said, it will be at the end of the month, but it is not. Please read the schedule in our course syllabus. Then, by October 31st, you need to upload your poster on OpenLab (still a rough draft, but more refined than the previous version).

Reminder: This is also around the time that you meet with your technical advisor for the second time.
Our class will meet six more times before Thanksgiving. By that time, if your project is close to its completion, you will be in good shape.

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Before the Religious Holidays


This is a kind reminder that tomorrow, Tuesday, September 19th, CUNY wide, we are on Thursday schedule. Both sections of ENT 4499 will not meet accordingly.

As discussed, I hope you have met with your technical advisor at least once at this point (after your proposal is approved). During the month of September, take advantage of the holidays, and make progress with your project. This is a critical point of the fall semester. After that, the time will go by rather quickly.

Enjoy the break and work on your project diligently.



Some more info. on OpenLab (creating a page/ePortfolio)

Last week, I posted a link that has instructions on how you create your own ePortfolio, written by City Tech’s OpenLab team. I also just posted some info. on how I usually design OpenLab pages for my classes. If you are interested, please go to the “Content,” on the left column of BB. There, you will find “OpenLab Basics”. It is not necessarily a common method to design pages on WordPress. Thus, I suggest that you read the instructions by the City Tech team first.

Reminder: Our class will not meet next Tuesday, September 19th as CUNY wide, it will be a Thursday schedule.

Some religious holidays are coming up. This is a good time to make some progress with your project.

All the best,