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ENT 4499 SP19 Students,

Now that all the four sections of ENT 4499 have met for 10 sessions, from now on, we will most likely make announcements on OpenLab (this page) for our course related matters.

1. Individual Presentation Schedule
The schedule has not been announced yet. So, please don’t worry. You didn’t miss any announcement.

2. Student Availability Form
If you have not submitted your availability form to your faculty advisor (the professor in the section, which you attended), please send it to me, Ryoya directly ASAP at

3. Students who are working on their short films
I sent out two e-mails to you since March indicating some important deadlines for your course evaluation (grading) and for ENT’s annual screening (not required for the course, but for the fun event). If you didn’t receive them, please contact me ASAP.

4. Spring Break
Today is the first day of the spring recess (finally!). Plan wisely go get the most out of this break, and have a good time!



7 thoughts on “Announcements SP19

  1. Ryoya Terao Post author

    Reminder (again):
    The poster session will be on Thursday, May 16th (12- 2 pm) at the theatre.

    By 11 am, easels will be brought to the stage, so that, you will be able to set up your poster. If you need anything else, you must make an arrangement with Rudy immediately.


  2. Ryoya Terao Post author

    The poster session will be on Thursday, May 16th (12- 2 pm) at the theatre. There is no need to bring your poster at the time of your presentation.

  3. Ryoya Terao Post author


    1. Hope you are checking the presentation schedule daily as there have been some minor changes everyday.
    2. Some of you requested some extra devices for your presentation (e.g., HDMI cable). You must communicate with Rudy already now to let him know when and where you need certain items. If you go by his office right before your presentation, he may not be able to assist you. So, plan ahead. You all know where your presentation will be, and we suggest that you test your slide show before your presentation day: You also must double-check that the computer in “your room” has what you need.
    3. For your presentation, there is no need to bring your poster. As written in the course syllabus, the poster session will be on Thursday, May 16th (12- 2 pm) at the theatre.
    4. As also written in the course syllabus, selected presentations will be on Tuesday, May 21st (2:30 pm – 4 pm). It will likely be at V120. Several students from ENT and MTEC programs will be selected, and they will give their presentations for the second time, in front of the entire department.

    Thank you,


  4. Ryoya Terao Post author


    Here is the link to the Presentation Schedule SP19 (updated daily):

    Please carefully examine the schedule. Inside a box (30 min. time slot), it indicates the info. as follows:

    a student’s name
    two faculty members’ names (if the second faculty has not been determined, it says, “?”).

    The faculty names are their initials:

    A.B. Alex Bottiglieri
    A.K. Alexander King
    A.W. Adam Wilson
    C.K. Crystal Kim
    F.K. Frederick Kennedy
    J.M. John McCullough
    J.R. John Robinson
    M.T. Mar Trevino
    M.W. Matt Werden
    N.A. Nikki D’Agostino
    R.T. Ryoya Terao
    S.B. Sue Brandt
    S.F. Saad Farooqi
    S.O. Steven Olswang
    T.G. Tony Giovannetti

    If you have any questions, please e-mail me at

    It is possible that the schedule may be still updated slightly. In that case, announcements will be made. It is also your responsibility to check the schedule until you give your presentation.



  5. Ryoya Terao Post author


    Currently, the presentation schedule is reviewed by the faculty. If things look good, we should be able to post it here at this site later today.

    I just e-mailed three students at their City Tech e-mail addresses. One of them may not have stated his technical advisor clearly, and so we need to know who it is. Two others are still missing their availability forms.

    Thank you,


  6. Ryoya Terao Post author

    Some of the culmination students have e-mailed me asking whether the presentation schedule has been finalized and announced. The answer is “No,” unfortunately. I’m waiting to hear back from some of the faculty concerning their availability. I expect to obtain all the info. as soon as the recession is over.

    It is tough when the spring break is so late in the semester this year.

    Thank you for your patience.


  7. Ryoya Terao Post author

    ENT 4499 Students,

    I just e-mailed some of you concerning some missing info. to schedule the individual presentations. Please check your college e-mail.

    The students are namely Sarah C., Miguel C., Ryan F., Kevin G., Amanda L., Leanna T., Neil P., Brett W, and Gillen K.

    Thank you,



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