Journal Blog 10: Reflection on Internship Experience

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As I reached the required hours, this internship was a great opportunity for me to improve not only my personal skills but also how to maintain professionalism. Throughout this internship, I have developed more skills such as interacting with people more often, staying on task, staying organized meeting new people, don’t be afraid to ask questions, as well as improving some of the essential skills of google suite software.

The internship also provided me with a lot of real-world experience and human resources when it comes to learning more about logos, CMPP, EIN numbers, and more. Overall, I enjoyed working with a talented and supportive organization. I am grateful for my organization to give me this opportunity to be able to work with them.

All of the skills I have learned throughout my internship will definitely boost my knowledge and help me pursue a successful career in the design field. However, I am grateful to be able to continue with this internship throughout the summer.

Journal Blog 9: Continuing Final Task

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This week, I continued on my task. My job is to check and make sure every organization has the right information in the document. The information consists, of a logo, website link, and brief description of their mission. Having to check each and every document is time-consuming. Finding their logo and then uploading them to our CMPP was the most difficult part. My supervisor specially told me to upload them in an SVG format. Those logos cannot be either JPG or PNG. They must be SVG. It is difficult to save an organization’s logo and then transfer them to SVG. I have to thank adobe illustrator. Adobe Illustrator has definitely come in handy and helped me when it comes to saving the logo to SVG.

After I finished checking and making sure each of the information is provided, my supervisor then gave me another list. Now, this list is based on Florida. The Excel document previously is from many different places throughout the world. I basically have to do the same thing as what I have done. However, this time he did not provide any EIN number or the website. I then have to look in-depth to find one’s organization’s website and EIN number.

One problem I encountered when searching their EIN number was some of the EIN numbers don’t work on our CMPP website. Whenever I search for the number, the screen turns blank. What I did to settle this issue was write down a note on my Google sheet saying “CMPP doesn’t work”. This way my supervisor is aware that I didn’t provide any information about the logo because it does not work. This issue isn’t based on my wifi or anything. One of my co-workers told me he also has the same issue. I told him he can write down a note saying “CMPP doesn’t work”. Google sheet is extremely helpful when it comes for me to keeping track of every bit of information.

Date: 5/1 – 5/5/2023

Journal Blog 8: Final Task

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Throughout this week, my supervisor gave me another task. This task will hopefully be my final task(s) before reaching 120 hours for my internship. I have been assigned a new task. Essentially, this task is a hazard. I have to go through a long Excel document of over 200+ organizations. I think this document was created by one of my co-workers or the computer itself. Moving on forward, the Excel document consists of many different non-profit organizations that are associated with my organization, which is Giving Forward. My task is to check and make sure that each and every one of the organizations has a logo, website link, and description uploaded to our CMPP website. All of these organizations I have been on the sheet doesn’t contain EIN number.

EIN number is very important when it comes to me uploading the logos onto our CMPP. Without the number, I am unable to find the name or some information on different organizations. This task is challenging and it takes a lot of time. To keep track, I have created a Google sheet form of all the organizations listed in the document. Next, I went to each of the organization’s websites to check if I can find their EIN number through the organization’s website. Lastly, with their EIN pins, I am able to put them into our CMPP. However, the most difficult part is to make sure when I enter their EIN number, those organizations include logos, website links, and a brief description of their mission. If the organization does not have any information, I will then have to do it manually.

Date: 4/23 – 4/28/2023

Journal Blog 7: Continuing Second Task

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This week I am still continuing on working on what I was previously doing. However, this time it’s a different task. My supervisor told me to get the logos of all the non-profit organizations in the excel sheet I was working on and then proceed to save it to an SVG file. Once I have converted the files to SVG, I have to upload them into Nimble.

At first, I didn’t know what nimble is or how to upload files directly to nimble. Luckily one of the staff members made a tutorial on how to upload files to nimble. Essentially, from what I’ve known, nimble is like a social sales and marketing CRM (customer relationship management) that allows users to store contacts, upload files, find information, create tasks, reminders..etc.

Date 3/8 – 3/9/2023

Ethics in Graphic Design Entry 2

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2A) As a designer, I often find most of my inspiration through Pinterest, youtube, websites, Instagram..etc. As stated in, Use of Illustrations, it says “Illustrations should not be used without gaining permission from the creator”. This is a great example to demonstrate the importance of giving credit when using artwork/illustrations that is not yours. Oftentimes, whether or not it’s now or in the past, I do find most images online. I do use them in a way but I have never actually gotten to credit the original owner. This is because, in the real world, there are many duplicates of the same illustrations, images, and art that people post online, and at the end of the day, it can be difficult to find the original owner. However, when I find images directly online from the original owner’s page, I do give credit because it’s a way of respecting them in a way.

2B) As I was reading this article called Shepard Fairey Is Fined and Sentenced to Probation in ‘Hope’ Poster Case, I wasn’t that surprised. Using images without giving credit for work purposes does lead to many consequences. In my opinion, if someone were to pictures from others WITHOUT giving credit or claiming the image is theirs then they should face some consequences. In the article, Shepard Fairey Is Fined and Sentenced to Probation in ‘Hope’ Poster Case, it says, “Mr. Fairey maintained that he had never personally profited from sales of the image, a contention The A.P. disputed”. If he were to get profit from using those images then it won’t be as easy as it is.


Ethics in Graphic Design Entry 1

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1A) As a designer, my overall job is to make sure there are no copyright issues such as plagiarism, images, or designs when it comes to finding things online. As for images online, it’s important to make sure that the images I am/will be using is free to use and that there won’t have any copyright issues in the future. It’s very important to also give credit when you get any images online. As stated in Guide to Copyright, “If the designer permits a work to be copied, it is the copyright that gives the designer the right to negotiate for fees or royalties”. This is a perfect example of giving credit to copyright owners even if the images are free to use. Many people including designers out there probably don’t know the importance of ownership. It’s necessary to know the importance of copyrights which represent that they got ownership/permission from the original owner.

1B) So far at my internship, I have been doing many types of research, writing emails..etc. I haven’t really signed a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement for my internship. I also don’t know what those meant. However, I have completed many internship forms with my contact information, and workplace. By all means, all parties meaning my internship supervisor, internship professor, and myself have signed and agreed to the contract agreement. I’m guessing those forms will be similar but also different from what I have completed.


Journal Blog 6: Second Task

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Today, my supervisor gave me another task. My task is to come up look for non-profit – organizations that have their account linked to amazon smile in a specific place. When he sent me a bunch of messages about my task, I was extremely lost because I don’t really know what is he talking about. It did take me a while to understand what my supervisor wanted.

In the message, he said “We are looking for 501c3 philanthropic…” That was the part where I was lost because I do not know what 501c3 means. I did do research about what it means and somehow, out of the ordinary, I was able slowly to understand what I need to complete without having to bother anyone explaining it to me.

Slowly, as I was able to figure it out my next step will have to search for organizations that still have amazon linked to their website. I basically have to write down the information in google sheets. Information such as non-profit organization names, city, state, zip code, EIN PIN, Phone, Contact, Website, and whether are they linked to amazon smile. In total, I have searched over 20 organizations.

Date: 3/1 – 3/3/2023

Journal Blog 5: Brainstorming Emails Ideas

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After I have done my research on Amazon Smile and Omaze, my next task is to complete more research. This time, I have to focus on coming up with emails so I can send other non-profit organizations.

After I have done my research on Amazon Smile and Omaze, my next task is to complete more research. This time, I have to focus on coming up with emails so I can send other non-profit organizations.

My supervisor told me to write 3 up paragraphs. When he said that I was thinking “why write that much??” But, I realized in the examples emails he sent me, most of them were not necessarily 3 paragraphs because who would read such a long email?

Anyways, it took me a pretty long to write and think about what to write. He told me to include something interesting that makes the other non-profits engage with our organization.

In the email, I included some similies, metaphors, organization that has their Amazon Smile linked to them, and why they should be part of my organization. As I finished writing my draft email, I realized I wrote too much which is an issue but somehow I am not sure how to resolve this issue.

[2/26/2023] I set up a meeting with my supervisor and he told me to minimize the email by making them much shorter. However, he also told me to collaborate with another student so we can work on this email together.

Date: 2/22 – 2/26/2023