Community Outreach

Me and a group of my classmates went to PS 30 school on Staten Island. We gave a presentation to a special needs elementary classroom with children who have hearing and language impairments. My part in the community outreach project was to coordinate the program with the school and plan the presentation.

The children were all accompanied with a speech therapist. Me and one of my fellow presenters wore a device around our necks that would be connected to one of the children’s earpieces. We played a nutrition game, handed out stickers and did one on one toothbrushing demonstrations. The children were extremely responsive and enjoyed the activities. They all went home with goodie bags full of oral home care supplies, a coloring book and a certificate.


2. As part of our curriculum for our Public Health class, we were assigned to a Head Start program in Brooklyn. We spoke to pre-school children. We showed them an educational video regarding oral health. We then separated into smaller groups and went over tooth brushing. We held a question and answer session as well. It was a great experience and the children benefited as well.