Aural Topographies: Mashup



This is the layout of my mashup. Although unfinished, it gives me a plan as to where I’ll be placing the staccato and legato drawings. This allows me to comfortably arrange them without inking and finalizing the piece.

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Aural Topographies: Thumbnails



These are my thumbnails for the staccato and legato project. The first one on the left side are my legato thumbnails. What I tried to depict here are organic shapes and lines which give each one a sense of softness or gentleness. The second one on the right side are my staccato thumbnails. Here I used geometric shapes and lines to define the sharp and structured sounds which would come from anything staccato. I used many jagged edges to accentuate the boldness of the sounds.

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Aural Topographies: Field Trip

image image


These are just two of the many installations we saw at the exhibit. These two stood out the most to me because they involve tangible music, something that we aren’t very used to in this day in age. The records hanging on the wall are actually colleges made by the artist who interpreted each genre of Mexican music and created separate pieces to come together in this work. This is very similar to the assignment given to us which is why I found interest in it. The second image is stack of records, exemplifying the difference between the way we listened to music then as compared to today. While in todays technological society we can fit thousands of songs into a handheld device; when records were prominent you would need to have dedicated and entire room to fit all that music into once space. This is why I found that particular piece so interesting.

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Aural Topographies: Research

The song I chose to listen to is Ladi Dadi by Steve Aoki feat. Wynter Gordon (Tommy Trash Remix). This song is very upbeat and quick. The beat of the song would be considered staccato, with the continuous bass line and high pitched sounds. There is also a sense of legato in this song because of the vocals being sung. At times bass line cuts off leaving just the vocals to calm the song down for a moment before being brought back up to the staccato sounds.

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View From My Window: Assesment

I’ve learned a number of things while working on this project. Before this project began, i had very little knowledge of working with thumbnails, inking pens, and all materials for that matter. I learned to translate a complex combination of elements into simplistic yet recognizable figures. I enjoyed working on this project because it taught me the methods of refining my artwork constantly. Some ways I could have improved my artwork to meet the requirements of the project would be to simplify them even further. I found that most of them showed enough detail to be considered stable pieces, instead of being vague shapes which would have made them ambiguous.

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View From My Window: Cut Paper



These are my four thumbnails which I’ve decided to use for my cutout images. There are two which are clearly stable images (the ones with the trees) and two which are ambiguous. I believe that I could have improved the bottom right image to be more ambiguous by making the shapes of the structures negative spaces, instead of using the black paper to represent them.

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View From My Window: Inking



Again I’m not sure why the image shows up sideways. For most of them I tried to replicate my thumbnails. It was only after some clarification from speaking with professor Spevack that I tried to make them simpler. I forgot the intentions of the project (stable and ambiguous) and made them all stable images.

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View From My Window: Thumbnails



These are my first attempt at drawing thumbnails. Why the image appears sideways i’m not sure. What I tried to do here is to depict different sections of my view, rather than drawing the entire view. I used a ruler for most of them, trying to keep the shapes of the structures as solid as possible.

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View From My Window: Actual View

My Backyard

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View From My Window: Research

As I look out my window, I first notice the three white lines that separate the window into six sections. Looking past the black mesh screen behind the panes of the insulated plastic window, I see my backyard. I see my garage, with its white siding and the black triangle roof covered in melting snow. Looking at it head on, I see the black and white door adjacent to the outdated glass windows. The small garden located in front the garage is empty except for the piles of snow replacing the flowers which grow there in the summer. The tree in the center of the yard blocks my view partially as its scattered branches extend over the yard.

As I look to the right side of the garage, I see the empty yard space which is also blanketed in snow. There is nothing but an old tree stump up against the garage and a bench against the fence. The brown wooden fence runs along the back of my yard, with a white birch tree separating the fence right in half. Over the fence I see my neighbors house and their garage, the backside of the garage is covered in grim and dirt making its white exterior appear brown. The right side of my yard is covered in a multitude of colors because that portion of fence is dedicated for me to practice my aerosol skills. Painted in bubble graffiti letters reads the name “Simone” which is my last name.

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