Classes meet on Fridays, 8-11:20am

Please check the City Tech Academic Calendar for class cancelations and changes to the schedule.

Week 1

Friday, August 28

  • Meeting InfoBlackboard
  • Topic: Course Intro
  • Lab: Hands
  • Homework: Take a good look at Time’s 100 most influential images. Choose one picture and write a 1-page reflection. How does the picture make you feel? What makes it so influential in your opinion? Why is it a strong picture? Would you take it differently? How?
  • Due Dates: Please email me your Homework by 9/4 8AM.

Week 2

Friday, September 4

  • Due Dates: Upload 3 of your best shots with your name to my Google album HW#1.

Week 3

Friday, September 11

Week 4

Friday, September 25

  • Due Dates:  Upload 3 of your best shots to my Google album HW#3.

Week 5

Friday, October 2

Week 6

Friday, October 9

  • Meeting Info: Blackboard
  • Topic: Digital Darkroom: Global Corrections
  • Lab: Work in teams to understand the needs of an image. Make global corrections.
  • Homework: Choose 2 images and make global corrections. Present both before and after picture in the google group HW5 (total 4 pictures). Additionally, work on your Midterm Presentations. Place your 15 best images in an album labeled “Midterm” on your Flickr page. Be prepared to present.
  • Due Dates: Upload 2 examples (4 total) of your best work, before and after, to my Google album HW#5.

Week 7

Friday, October 16

  • Meeting Info: Blackboard
  • Topic: Midterm Presentations
  • Homework: Make 20 pictures focused on the details of your neighborhood. We are continuing the Midterm project, but you are to change up your approach to your subject matter. Get close! Show details ONLY. Upload 20 images to your Flickr group labeled HW6.
  • Due Dates: Upload 3 of your best shots to my Google album HW#6

Week 8

Friday, October 23

  • Meeting InfoBlackboard
  • Topic: Aperture/Depth of Field
  • Lecture: Animals in photography
  • Lab: Create a series of pictures that demonstrates depth of field.
  • Homework: Take pictures of animals showing how they are apart of the human world. They can be domestic, wild or stuffed. They can be 2 or 3 dimensional. They can be your subject or apart of your subject, or they can be in the background but show the relationship that people have to the animal. I want to see examples of Depth of Field. Make 10 close-up images, and 10 images that capture a wide depth of field.
  • Due Dates: Upload 3-5 of your best images to my Google group HW#7

Week 9

Friday, October 30

  • Meeting InfoBlackboard
  • Topic: Making great portraits
  • Lab: Team portraits
  • Lecture: Portraits
  • Homework: Using both natural and tungsten light, make 20 portraits of at least 5 different people. Vary your backgrounds. Remember to move close and away from your subject. You can include more than one person. Upload to your Flickr group labeled HW8.
  • Due Dates: Upload 3 of your best portraits to my Google album HW#8

Week 10

Friday, November 6

  • Meeting Info: Blackboard
  •  Film presentation
  • Lab: Portraits continued
  • Homework: How are you influenced by Sebastiao Salgado? Choose a journalistic topic and explore it using your camera. It can be simple or complex. Upload to your Flickr page labeled HW 9.
  • Due Dates:  Upload 5 of your favorite to my Google album HW#9.

Week 11

Friday, November 13

  • Meeting InfoBlackboard
  • Topic: Lighting direction
  • Lecture: Self-Portraiture. Can the camera see more than the eye?
  • Lab: Who are you?
  • Homework: Make a series of self-portraits. Take at least 5 pictures per day. Show a variety of set-ups and circumstances. Do not take all your pictures at once. Upload to your pictures to your Flickr group labeled HW10
  • Due Dates: Upload 5 of your best pictures to my Google album HW#10

Week 12

Friday, November 20

  • Meeting InfoBlackboard
  • Topic: Digital Darkroom: Local Corrections
  • Lecture/Discussion: Is the camera a mirror or a window?
  • Homework: Begin your Final Project. Decide on a topic based on the class discussion. Upload at least 20 pictures to a Flicker album entitled “FINAL” to be discussed and worked on in Lightroom. It is essential that you work on this over the course of the next three weeks. Your project will be judged on the execution, dedication and quality.
  • MAKE UP ANY MISSING HOMEWORKS. If you have not already, please make sure you set up a conference to discuss your project.

Week 13

***Wednesday, November 25***

  • Meeting InfoZoom Link
  • Topic: Continued Lightroom and progress critiques.
  • Lab: Practicing local corrections in Lightroom
  • Homework: Work on your Final Project. If you have not already, please make sure you set up a conference to discuss your project.
  • Due Dates: Make up missing work

Week 14

Friday, December 4

  • Meeting InfoBlackboard
  • Topic: QUIZ: Photographic scavenger hunt.
  • Homework: Work on your Final Project. If you have not already, please make sure you set up a conference to discuss your project.
  • Due Dates: Make up missing work

Week 15

Friday, December 11

  • Meeting InfoBlackboard
  • Topic: Final Presentations
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