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5 pts total. Put the following elements together into a post. Use the category “STUDENT POSTS” and “QUIZ#1”.

Each of the first three questions is worth one point – .5pt for the photo and .5pt for the description.

1. 1 … Read More


Using your Lightroom App on your phone, or the ISO settings on your camera, set your shutter speed or “Sec” to 1/125.

Take 4 pictures of one object in a dark room using a flashlight to light the object changing … Read More

Lab Exercise: H

Split into groups, and assign each member a compositional element to focus on:

  1. Leading Lines
  2. Diagonals
  3. Figure to Ground/Background and Foreground
  4. Patterns and Repetition
  5. Symmetry

Working either indoors or outdoors, take at least 10 pictures. Remember to think of framing … Read More

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