1. A motion picture requires more exposition time which means lowering the shutter speed as well as stabling the camera. Resting the camera or using a tripod is usually helpful for these kinds of images. Also, lighting is a huge factor in the fact that lowering the shutter speed means that more light gets into the camera which can easily overexpose the picture. To capture the picture my camera was set to shutter speed mode with it being  1/15 of a sec. My ISO was set to 200 to contrast the light in my room helping prevent overexposing.  

2. To shoot a shallow depth of field photo I knew the f-stop had to be between 1.4 -5.6 because it allows for more light but this also meant that my subject would be only a few inches from me. From what we learned in class during this discussion, the the background was blurred making my center of focus more clear. Using my DSLR camera, I used F 4 with shutter speed, 1/40 , exposure speed +0.7 . The right combination made the picture below. 

3. When editing the picture below I put the exposure of -1.15, contrast +48, highlights -12, shadows -9, whites, +36, and blacks +22.  Then I added a brush effect to disappear the light shining from the above. I did like the ambiance of the yellow lighting effect but I added a temp of -17 to bring out some blue coloring.  I decided to highlight the colors by giving it a more crips look and feel so I used a clarity of -9 and dehaze of +100 to do just that. 

4. I believe that Sebastiao Salgado uses his camera as a window into the world/ community around him. He often enters his subject’s world and drive into their life and then depicts their life in the most beautiful, authentic way possible. Instead of doing happy images, Sebastiao really goes above and beyond to capture the hardships of life as well as sheds light on some problems we tend to face but maybe surpass by. You can definitely see the many emotion throughout the images. His camera is used as a window into who these people are. Even though his camera wasn’t used as a mirror into who he was the fact that he took time to in each community to really get to know them before taking their pictures tells me all I need to know about Sebatiaao Salgado which is that he respects his art as well as the people and their culture.