You will have 24 hour access to the computers at City Tech through a virtual connection. In order to do this you must install Global Protect on your computer.

Once installed on your computer, under Settings–>General you must add: (see image)

Press the “+” to add the City Tech portal

Log in with your City Tech email. You must be connected through Global Protect before you can access the lab. It should sit as a small icon on your top menu.

You can connect to the computer lab in V111 through the City Tech website:

Follow the PDF instructions for your particular make of computer.

Next, select “Academic Department Lab”

From the Left-hand side bar select Computer Lab V111 COMD. Select any available computer from the list. Select “Connect.”

From a Mac select “Connect” and from Windows you must install the VNC viewer.

Allow Screen Sharing. User name: Student. No password needed.

Agree to the user terms and you are in!


  • Log into any Adobe application using your CUNY ID!
  • You must save your work to a cloud application, NOT TO the desktop or local drives. You will lose your work. You can save your work to Dropbox, Google Drive or any cloud service you choose.
  • Remember to always LOG OUT. If you do not logout at the end of your session, no one else can use the computer. Be mindful of your fellow students.

If you require technical help, please reach out to Michael or Luis at