Project 1: Kontrol Guidelines

The concept was to have a vast field of grass that would eventually lead to a nice looking lake. My process for this was pretty straight forward, at least in my head it was. We can break it down into a few steps and then elaborate.

  • Create my terrain
  • Add Player
  • Create a script that allows me to control my player
  • Make sure the camera is showing the point of view of the player controller.
  • Make camera movable with mouse x and y

Making my terrain was easier said then done, I had a vision of what it would look like in my head but making it how I wanted to was a challenge. It was fun to create but is ultimately a watered down version of what was in my mind.

The Player’s overall movement is a bit hindered by the way the terrain was built but it ultimately works with one small problem being that the camera only moves left and right.

Post 1: Logo

This is the first logo I have ever attempted in any program, my goal with this logo was to create something that can be played around with to suit possible later needs. The company name this logo is supposed to represent is Heaven33 a GameStudio