Creative Brief

Product: Smart Car. A new line of 2014 cars that runs with Battery Assurance Plus for smart electric drive.

Target: The target are people who live in urban areas and are environmental friendly (most likely)They work the money that can afford this kind of car and it’s lifestyle and also probably around the age of 27-45. With this age group it’s safe to say that they can afford this car.

Features: Small Car, Runs on battery, Crash Safety, Customization, You can tap the steering wheel to change gears,

Benefits:  You can park it almost anywhere, Doesn’t use gas,  Airbag covers most of you, You can personalize your  car,  You don’t have to take your hand off the wheel,  Drivers preference

Tone: A rock & roll kind of lively music to go with the commercial to have an exciting feeling. 

Where will it play?: It will play on tv, the website and on a global scale.

Script: Race around the world- Opens up and cars are at the starting line. Camera pans across to show all the cars. They are start up and takes off, you see every car letting off smoke except the smart car. All the cars are trying to take first place racing next to each other but u have the smart car in between them driving no problem because of it’s size. They all pull up to a point on the road where a huge trailer is passing so they all stopped but the Smart Car drives under the trailer because of its size. The race continues and its half way so all the cars stopped to fill up on gas but the Smart Car kept going because it runs on battery. The race continues and they pull up to a terrain and all the cars went on down into the terrain. Then the camera pans right from the smart car perspective and you see a small dirt road and the Smart Car slowly drives over there and takes it. The race is almost over and all the cars come out of the terrain and they all went off at top speed and the Smart car not insight. The camera shows the finish line tape and then back to the cars coming full speed. A  car final came and breaks the tape and declared that its the winner but then the camera pans away from that car and showed the smart car already won. Showing that the reason the tape wasn’t broken was because the Smart Car when under it.