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Born in the beautiful, Spanish speaking country of Venezuela, I spent my early years there before moving to the tropical twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago, where the food is delectable and the people are fine, fine, fine. In Trinidad & Tobago, where my parents originate, I shared a home with my family and quickly realized I had a passion for Visual Arts.

Everything from there on kept pointing me in the direction of art, even though, I kept thinking that there wasn’t much of a career in it for me. As the years rolled on my passion for Visual Arts grew stronger and stronger. Soon friends and family were coming to me for their business cards and more. Eventually, I pursued my dreams by sitting the London G.C.E exams in art in which I received an outstanding grade.

I later worked for “Everything in Art 1”, an establishment catering to small business, organizations and individuals. We created banners, business cards, fliers, screen printing, t-shirt transfer and air-brushing. There I gained the experience I needed to enhance my proficiency in what I do today.

I now reside in New York, where I earned two degrees at Kingsborough Community College in Graphic Design and Web Design. Now I’m pursuing a Bachelor degree at City Tech University, studying Art and Advertising.

My dreams are fast becoming a reality. The amazing fact is that I did not plan how this would be executed or what the outcome would be; I only dreamed what seemed to be the impossible dream. It was God who was instrumental in bringing it all together in perfect timing for me.

I am so thankful to God for the many blessings he has granted me and will continue to grant me. My passion for art is so great; I cannot see myself doing anything else.

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