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IAB MIXX Expo Conference / SVA Master Series Exhibit

IAB MIXX Expo Conference / SVA Master Series Exhibit –


On September 29th, the whole class gathered together to go on this field trip to the IAB MIXX Expo Conference. It was on 1605 49th Street on Broadway and it was taking place in this hotel plaza on the 2nd floor. On this floor, right before you enter the room to engage in conversations with the representatives of the companies, we got supplied these gift bags that contained items that was really unique. It had items that were branded with the company names (ex: book marks with traditional Chinese look). When I entered the room, I was surprised at how small the area was, but it felt pretty comfortable because it wasn’t as intimidating with not a huge number of people and everyone looked nice so it was easy to walk up to the booths and talk with them.

One of the first booths I noticed off the bat was Optimatic. My first impression was, maybe it has something to do with my major because I like to take photos, and videos are technically motion pictures so I went to talk with the representative. One thing I remembered was that the woman didn’t say her name but got right into what the whole company was about. In an overall summary, what I got from it was the fact that, they are the people responsible for making the commercials or video ads for any social media site. Though one specifically mentioned was Youtube. They make the ads that you see before any video happens. How they get this to happen is that they first have to take a vote, the ad that would have the most votes within a certain time period would be the one to be played on the video. This company’s ads work on desktop, mobile phones and tablets. They worked with a number of people including Disney and Facebook.

Optimatics LexisNexis Database Below.

Optimatics – LexisNexis

The second booth that caught my attention was Weibo. The representative was friendly but he seemed a little shy and at a loss for words when we spoke. He as well didn’t mention his name, but he did talk about the company. Weibo pretty much was started in 2009 and it’s a huge social media network in China and it’s now expanding all over. As he stated, it’s a Chinese version of Facebook and Twitter. Also he said that this became in existence because Twitter isn’t available in China. If you were to pay about 10yuan ($1.63) you’ll have this premium account that allows you to restore deleted posts, as well as customize your profile further. It is also the strict version of any other social media network because you’re not allowed to write anything that has profanity in it or it’ll be censored. That means that all ages can be on Weibo.

(Wasn’t able to find a LexisNexis Database for Weibo)


All the other booths were interesting as to what they did in the world of advertising, but these two were the ones that caught my attention most in the event.

Right after the IAB MIXX Expo Conference we went to the SVA Master Series Exhibit and saw the works of Tom Geismar since it was dedicated to him. There were a lot of familiar corporate identities like the Chase logo as well as the logo for NYU and for the Spanish audience like myself the Univision logo. It was a great gallery filled with a lot of his work. Wasn’t able to see a lot of it since I had a class right afterwards but from the time being there, it was fun!


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