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5. Orientation

Dec. 2nd 2014


At this point, I thought to myself that this organization has no actual office where they hold meetings/discussions? We always meet up at 61 Local, or at Starbucks down in Bergen Street. Another thing was that, they are so disorganized and it actually got me really upset because they kept on postponing the orientation to different days and times of the week because they were busy with other things.

The day actually came when we got the time and place for the orientation and that was Dec 2nd. at 12:00pm in Starbucks. When I met with Godni, he explained to me more about A Free Bird’s people and what they did. There’s actually people who work in the Public Relations department and what they do is that they go to random families with children who are diagnosed with cancer, and they go to different events around the city. Some events include: The Big Apple Circus, Figure skating events, etc.

Godni explained everything, and he then gave me an assignment. It was to work on A Free Bird’s Annual magazine with two other people named Erika Wang and Karina Hwang. This is the 2nd magazine they’re producing and he wants us to make this magazine even better! I’m the only graphic designer who’s working on everything while Erika and Karina are the writers. He went through the first magazine with me and explained all the contents within it (A Free Bird Magazine Vol 1).

When this was over, he sent me off to work with my two new partners.

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