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Last Graphic: AFB – Dance Theatre Invitational

I had to make an invitational for A Free Bird’s Dance Theatre

This was actually one of those projects where I was assigned to do a week prior to it being due. This is pretty much what they wanted me to do at the same time while adding the text given.

  • We do want these to be fun on top of elegant so be creative with the “curly” designs or color. Their poster is black and white but we want to make this also “kid friendly”. So purples and grays or blues and purples, something to make it more fun. I will try to find some more samples of just color later tonight. I will also be sending you the text tomorrow/Wednesday for the invitation.

I got a wake up text the day it was due and I was so caught up with Senior Project that I had no idea it was due that day until I read the text “Is it ready yet? I haven’t gotten an email”. This was at 9am and it was due at 11:30am. I rushed over to my computer and well started on a blank canvas. I had 2 hours and 30 minutes to get this done. It was actually pretty difficult trying to think of an elegant design within this time frame. What I ended up doing was, taking my mom’s curtain shade hanger and taking a photo of it on a white paper with my DSLR camera. I opened it up in photoshop and got rid of all the white backgrounds and changed the hue and saturation to a purple tone. She asked that she wanted it to be Kid friendly so I went with purples and blues for the color scheme. Annnnnnnnnd…well I just literally threw the text into the center using their fonts (Bickham Script, and Perpetua) and got the link on the bottom. I actually couldn’t get the hyperlink to work at first when I just posted The New York Dancers Studio so within the time constraint and the time closing in for when I had to email it in, I just posted the link itself to the Paypal in order for people to donate for the cause.


This was actually the last project I did before my 120 hours were completed. I had a lot of fun with this Internship even though it got really hectic at times. I mean we even got kicked out of our meeting spot which was 61 Local. Apparently we took up too much space and stood there for way too long. The new meet up spot was the founder’s apartment that was literally just around the corner of the cafe and that was a little awkward for all of us to meet up in a pretty small apartment (but who am I kidding, there was free snacks and drinks). Overall I had a great time in this internship.

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