In today’s ever changing world, one thing that does not change is Patient Care Advocacy!  Nursing is a healthcare profession that doesn’t just revolve around carrying out doctors orders and administering prescribed medications.  Nursing is a proud healthcare profession that revolves around Caring, Trust, Empathy for others, Cultural, & above all else, giving our all for the patients we care for.  This isn’t just a matter of adhering to healthcare facility rules & guidelines.  Its about going that one extra step out of our way for our patients, which makes a difference in their lives.  Its about fighting insurances through repeated denials just to get our patients the coverage and medical equipment they need for their continuation of care.  Its about going out of our way to make sure that our patients receive their medications from their pharmacy in the event that there’s an issue with them being able to receive the medication that they need to survive.  And as in one of my cases, its about going out of your way to promote health and provide education to the people in the community, an activity that goes beyond your expected job guidelines.


One of the many Advocates Who Took Time To Educate Elementary School Children On Careers & Provided Education

I am Registered Nurse who is experienced in working with populations who have mental illness and substance abuse problems.  Prior to becoming a Registered Nurse, I worked in an office-like setting for 8 years for a private cosmetics manufacturing company.  I have experience working  in sales, experience in compiling financial/forecasting reports, as  well as having assisted in the set up for trade show events.  I am also very knowledgeable about computers, which I continue to apply to my daily work tasks.   I graduated from Borough Of Manhattan Community College in December of 2013 with my Associates Of Applied Sciences Degree.  While in the pursuit of further education at New York City College Of Technology, I began my first nursing job in Long Island for a company called ACLD.  This company specialized in providing care for an older and lower functioning population with disabilities.  The patients under their care were situated in fully equipped residential group homes.  In working with this population, I found job and comfort in the knowledge that I was helping others.  My patients would smile and greet me as soon as I walked in the door, which filled me with warmth & joy.  Though it was my intention to educate and promote health, I ended up learning much from my patients whom had many more years of life experience.

Thereafter in the later half of 2014, I was recruited & hired for work in a psychiatric hospital managed by Northwell Health, formerly known as Northshore LIJ.   I began to work with patients of all different ages, cultures, and backgrounds whom had mental illness and substance problems.  I’ve worked with pre-adolescents, adolescent teens, adults, and geriatrics in an inpatient psychiatric setting.  I’ve worked in adult day programs while helping to manage coverage for patients by communicating and providing clinical reviews for insurance companies.  I’ve also worked in an inpatient Rehab & Detox facility, improving my knowledge and ability to provide care for patients with substance abuse problems.

Since becoming a Registered Nurse in as of December 2013,  I have taken care of Patients from all sorts of different backgrounds & cultures.  I’ve learned much about therapeutic communication when it comes to delivering the best care possible to my patients.  Every single patient requires an individualized approach, as not everyone is the same and shouldn’t be treated as much.  I am a true patient care advocate, taking care to incorporate my patients cultures and beliefs into their plan of care.  I am constantly going out of my way to promote health & providing nutritional education for my patients.  I’ve taken part in various patient advocacy programs during my time working as a Registered Nurse.   Volunteering for Career Day at an Elementary school early this year of 2017 was my first advocacy act of this year, but certainly wont be my last.   Whereas the opportunity presents itself, I’ll be there to provide care to patients and promote health whilst practicing as a Registered Nurse Healthcare Professional.