Hello, my name is Carmelo Perez. I am a student going for my Bachelors degree in graphic arts and advertising. I have managed to learn as much as possible taking advantage of each subject taught to me. I learned how to do hands on work with the printers along with hands on preparation. The idea for me is to keep learning as much as I can and never stop due to the fact that the industry is always changing. I will be managed to get my degree from New York City College of Technology. I am managing to take advantage of the lessons taught to me with each program I have learned along with each experience of hands on work.

The programs I am most knowledgeable of are Photoshop and Indesign along with some Illustrator. I am managing to learn more in Illustrator but I do happen to have most of my knowledge in the other two programs. I am willing to keep learning through because I know the programs are in depth with information and new tactics that I have yet to learn. The ability to keep learning is there for me and I intend to take the bull by the horns and learn heads on. Hope to one day be successful in this great industry.