Jean Rene also known as “JR” is a french photographer known for his strong, yet captivating collages. Not only are his artistic decisions aesthetically pleasing, but they can also express a sort of deeper meaning. While looking through his website it can clearly be said that he is a very versatile artist. He is experienced in a variety of mediums. However, his bread and butter is photography. In his website you can see an endless amount of beautiful scenery and colors and even photo shopped pieces. However, at the Brooklyn Museum exhibit he stayed away from this style and instead focused on black and white photography. Most of the pictures that were presented at the exhibit did not have much color. Instead, he mostly used gray scale and hard contrast in his photography. I think this is because he did not want his audience to get lost in details such as skin color and outfits. He wanted us to focus his camera instead on the emotional aspect of each piece. 

I had a chance to view Guns In America at the Brooklyn Museum. When I first walked in after only glancing at a couple of his pieces I can see what his biggest strengths are as an artist. He has an ability to tell a story with no words. One part of this exhibit that really highlights this was titled, “Face 2 Face”. In this section of the exhibit he took portraits of the people who lived around the borders of Palestine and Israel. He wanted to comment on the fact that these were portraits of human beings regardless of where each person came from. Some portraits include the young, the old, the middle aged man with a bushy mustache to just poor children smiling at the camera. Every photo had someone making a goofy face. Every photo felt alive. 

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