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ENGR 1000 Introduction to Engineering and Computer Technologies

Masato R. Nakamura, Eng.Sc.D.
Computer Engine...|ENGR1000|Spring 2014

This course introduces the student to basic concepts and career options in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design Technology; Computer Systems Technology; Electrical Engineering Technology; and […]

Graphic Communications Workshop, GRA 1111, 7309

Communication D...|GRA 1111|Spring 2013

This course introduces students to core conceptsin graphic communication field including typogrphy, color theory, design and production terminology, print processes, file format and substrates.


Prof. Paul King
Architectural T...|ARCH.2330|Spring 2014

Second Site for Spring 2014


Prof. Paul King
Architectural T...|ARCH3510|Spring 2014


NUR4130 OL48 Fall2014 Professional Nursing Practice

NUR4130 OL48 Fall2014 Professional Nursing Practice

Candy Dato
Nursing|NUR4130|Fall 2014

A variety of professional, historical, theoretical, ethical, and health related issues relevant to contemporary nursing are discussed. Students will use a variety of professional tools such as in-class forums to […]

GRA2330 Digital Photography, Fall 2014

GRA2330 Digital Photography, Fall 2014

Prof. Matthew C. Lange
Communication D...|GRA2330|Fall 2014

This course will serve as an introduction to the fundamentals of photography for students in advertising design and graphic arts. Our curriculum will be based on operating digital SLRs and compact digital cameras, […]

CST1201 Programming Fundamentals, FA2014

CST1201 Programming Fundamentals, FA2014

Raffi Khatchadourian
Computer System...|1201|Fall 2014

This course is an intensive introduction to computer programming using the Java language. Through lectures and lab assignments, students will learn the fundamentals of the Java programming language including […]

ARTH 1101 – History of Art: Prehistoric to Gothic

ARTH 1101 – History of Art: Prehistoric to Gothic

Michael J. McAuliffe
Humanities|Arth1101|Spring 2013

A survey of artistic production and development from the Prehistoric era to the Medieval Period

ENG1101 Comp 1101 (D352) Sg2014

Professor Sean Scanlan
English|ENG1101|Spring 2014

This is a course in effective essay writing and basic research techniques, including the use of the library. College-level readings are assigned for classroom discussion and essay writing. In addition, we will […]

NUR4010 Nursing, FA 2014 HD 22

NUR4010 Nursing, FA 2014 HD 22

Aida Egues
Nursing|NUR 4010|Fall 2014

This course builds upon the student’s knowledge of nursing and provides the requisites required for practice as a community health nurse. The focus is on health promotion, disease prevention and maintenance of h […]


Human Services|1207|Spring 2012

Students have the ability to learn how to create an ePortfolio for their professional and academic skills.

ADV1100 Graphic Design Principles 1

ADV1100 Graphic Design Principles 1

Jenna Spevack
Communication D...|ADV1100|Spring 2013

This foundation design and color theory course explores graphic communication from idea development to final execution. Through hands-on experiments, collaborative learning, and individual projects students will […]